Purity Ice Cream is

     85 Years Old!

Known as “The Ice Cream of the Finger Lakes”, Purity has been providing original recipe, small batch ice cream to Central New York for generations. 

Purity Ice Cream, the Pride of the Finger Lakes, was first produced in 1936 when Leo Guentert opened his shop on Ithaca's First Street. Leo and his wife Sylvia made ice cream crafted with basic, natural ingredients.


Leo, born in Germany, graduated from Cornell, then worked for Nestle´ and the old Ithaca Ice Cream Co., prior to setting out on his own. He loved chocolate ice cream and thought he could make it better than his competitors. Not only did he succeed with chocolate, but his vanilla and bittersweet flavors soon became local legends. His granddaughter, Margo Klose, also a Cornell grad, took over the reins upon Leo's death at the age of 96.

In 1998, Bruce and Heather Lane bought Purity with an eye towards revitalizing this Finger Lakes icon. We still use Leo’s original recipes.  Ice Cream the way it used to be made!  In small batches.  With local, high quality ingredients, including BGH-free milk from upstate NY farms.


Today, Purity offers scratch-baked desserts; fresh breakfast muffins and coffee daily; and...ice cream!


And don't forget our legendary Eggnog...




Over the years, we have come to realize that along with creating yummy food and enduring memories, Purity has served as the "first real job" for hundreds of young people.  We cherish our role in helping to launch a cloud of diligent workers who have learned how to spread service and good feelings along with good eats.

To them and the other professionals who have worked at Purity during various times of their careers, we give thanks, for making Purity such a fun place to work and to hang out!